Educational & Spiritual Seminars

Group, couple, and one-on-one mentoring for those seeking awareness through Kaballah.

BITA will offer an array of spiritual components to assist people in their development of higher awareness and purpose. These components will primarily be implemented through an educational group format and should not be seen in any way as originating from a psychotherapeutic discipline. Rather, our approach is to utilize the inner teachings of Judaism, known as Kabbalah, as the foundation stone for every group, seminar or workshop that is offered.

Tim and Tom believe that couples will grow and benefit from attending their respective groups where they will be educated on the same, but gender specific, concepts. Aftercare groups will be offered upon completion of the men’s and women’s groups. This will enable participants to stay anchored into the concepts presented and discuss any struggles that may occur upon completing the groups.

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Below is a list of classes and services provided:

Male Mentoring Group

No Man Is Too Immature To Redeem!

This is a 12 week, 2 1/2 hour class with a focus on identifying a man’s masculine and feminine “essence” with the goal of becoming more balanced between these polarities and maintaining it. This class will utilize lectures, group sharing, home work assignments and experiential exercises to accomplish this goal. Fee is $30.00 per class. (We are going to offer a two day Saturday/Sunday course in the future. Fee is $150.00).

1) Recognizing and Owning Our Failures

Men rarely discuss their failures and vulnerabilities with one another. This session will provide a safe, non-judgmental environment for them to let their guard down and share their shame and pain over these failures. By doing so the group’s culture is calibrated to foster continued self-appraisals throughout this seminar. A superior man must be able to admit and “own” his mistakes before he can begin his redemption process.

2) Defining Superior Man-ness

When asked, most men’s definition of a superior man has something to do with working, money or his family. Though all of those are part of it, being superior is much, much more. This session is geared to expanding a man’s definition in order to aspire to greatness as well as challenging himself. A real superior man is always looking to improve himself and never rests on his laurels.

3) The Value of Having Values

Most men have not clarified what values are and, therefore, their existences are void of direction. This lack of direction leads them into a life of failures, low self-regard, and an inability to reach their highest potential as a man. This session will assist in defining their values and begin to develop the discipline necessary to live a value centered life. These values will anchor and focus him on what is needed to gain the admiration and respect of others—including self-respect.

4) Advantages of Developing Self- Accountability

Most men feel weakened energetically when they are constantly held accountable by others. This weakness stems from being exposed and reminded of their failures and deficits as a man. By developing an “internal” sense of accountability in this session, a man will start to raise his self-esteem as well as gaining a sense of pride. This will eventually produce more harmony and joy in his life.

5) Distinguishing Our Masculine and Feminine Essences

Carl Jung identified the anima and animus polarity in both genders. In this session you will begin to distinguish between your masculine and feminine essences via an experiential exercise. This exercise will enable men to begin separating and become aware of these essences in order to become more balanced. Without being balanced a man will continue to stumble and fall.

6) A Feminine Essence Rendezvous

Many men are unaware of the existence or qualities of their feminine essence. This lack of recognition can lead a man into all types of addictions or relationship struggles. This session will allow him to rendezvous with his “unrecognized polarity” through an experiential exercise. This experience will help him discover the secret for having more passionate relationships.

7) The Eternal Balancing Act

The dance between and balancing of a man’s masculine and feminine polarities cannot be accomplished without first “fleshing out” the dance partners. Once identified, these polarities cannot be too close or too far apart because there won’t be enough of a spark and arc. This session will identify any imbalances in a man and how to rectify it. Though this balancing act is a daily endeavor, the rewards and dividends will far outweigh the struggles.

8) Imbalance in the Polarities

When a man isn’t furnishing his woman (both) a firm masculine terminal, an imbalance in the relationship will occur. This imbalance will create a void, which the feminine will want to fill, resulting in a lack of passion and resentment for both. This session will focus on recognizing when the polarity in a relationship is off and how to repair it. Most woman do not enjoy using their masculine essence a lot because it prevents them from bathing in their feminine essences.

9) Surfing Your Edges

The Beach Boys were accurate in their appraisal of the benefits of surfing. Rather than waves, a superior man is constantly surfing his edges, i.e., areas of discomfort, to define himself in newer and newer ways. This session will highlight the many benefits of edge surfing and how this behavior prepares a man to answer the “hero’s call” when he is summoned.

10) The Bliss of a Purpose Driven life

The majority of men are clueless when it comes to knowing their “core” purpose. This is because of a lack of effective male mentoring as well as having never been initiated into the path of the superior man. This class will explain and clarify the definition of a core purpose and begin the process of defining it for oneself. Men who know and live their truest purpose experience an impassioned and blissful existence.

11) How Prayer and Meditation Improves Men

Most men have never been initiated into any formal type of prayer or meditation to help them develop the higher functioning of their minds. Prayer can help a man remain humble, and meditation allows him to increase his focus and concentration. In this session the participants will learn an ancient Jewish prayer meditation which uses polarity, breathing and DMT. This technique is a powerful tool for a man to connect with a Higher Consciousness.

12) The Magic of Grief Work

As a snake will shed its skin, men need to fully grieve in order to move into the next level of their mission and purpose. Because our culture doesn’t provide a ritual to effectively grieve our losses, it prevents men from entering into their next level of purpose fully energized. This class will give men an opportunity to shed their dead skin (losses). Now they are fully charged and emotionally available to enter into the next phase of their heroes’ journey.

Identifying YOUR Superior Man

Relationship Education Group For Females

This is a 6 week, 2 1/2 hour class for females who are interested in learning how to identify characteristics inherent in a superior man. Upon completing this class the participants will be able to quickly learn if they are spending their time and love on yet another man-boy or have they found a man who is emotionally balanced, i.e., a superior man. Fee is $30 per class. (We will be offering a two day Saturday/Sunday course in the future. Fee is $150.00).

1) What a Woman Doesn't Know Will Cost Her!

What is the cost of not being able to identify a Superior Man? This group will help women differentiate between a man and a Superior Man. Without this ability the effects for women could be devastating: damaged children, an impoverished life, or a depletion of the feminine essence to name a few. This class will enable women to arm themselves with the knowledge needed to make a healthy and conscious choice when partnering.

2) Is He or Isn't He?

Most women are unaware of the masculine and feminine essences in both genders. This lack of insight creates a form of tunnel vision which impedes their ability to identify a Superior Man. This class will expand their vision to see all aspects of a balanced man. By attaining 20-20 vision, the class participants will now be able to secure the healthy relationship they’ve been longing for.

3) Her Masculine Essence Generates Many Gifts!

Society has inaccurately defined how “unladylike” it is for females to manifest their masculine essence, thus leading to unhealthy and unnecessary dependence on men. This group will emphasize the advantages of developing both a masculine AND feminine essence. Through the fortification of your masculine, your resurrected man will assist you in assessing the level and degree of the masculine qualities in the men in your life.

4) Magic of Being Alone

Most women fail to embrace opportunities to be alone for a multitude of reasons. This failure boomerangs women into another relationship prematurely thus missing the gifts spawned out of your aloneness. Upon completion of this class women will see that being alone is like experiencing Christmas every day! The gift of uncovering your masculine will enable you to create a more balanced existence.

5) Relevance For Learning the Masculine/Feminine Dance

Many couples over time become polarized into either a masculine or feminine role which becomes concretized. This can lead to a loss of passion in the relationship because the dance partners become too one-dimensional. This class will demonstrate how to recover the ebb and flow which must be present in a healthy relationship. By rediscovering this dance, you and your partner will exhibit a greater flexibility in roles and parenting as well as rediscover your passion for each other.

6) Why Unresolved Grief Engenders Bondage & Repetition

Healthy grieving is an essential component for breaking free of our past and not repeating similar patterns again. Unfortunately, our culture both under values this process and offers a limited array of resources to grieve adequately. This class will identify the signs of unresolved grief as well as steps to remedy it—including a grief ritual done in class. By “shedding their skin” (losses) class participants will learn to break free of all their yesterdays to begin a new journey with renewed enthusiasm and 20/20 vision.

For more than sixty years (combined) Tom and Tim Dworniczek have been witnesses to the pain and suffering many women have endured because of the male partners they have “blindly” chosen. They have heard and seen enough! Therefore they have combined their experiences and expertise and proposed a solution to prevent some of the pain they have seen from recurring.

To rectify this situation they have developed a six session experiential and educational group which focuses on, but is not limited to, the following:

  • The observable traits and behaviors that differentiate a man from a boy
  • How developing and identifying her masculine essence is advantageous for assessing his
  • The value for children to experience two masculine essences and two feminine essences in one set of parents
  • The many benefits available to a woman to spend some time alone after a relationship terminates
  • The process of grieving loss in a healthy way after a relationship ends to avoid the “repetition compulsion” syndrome frequently seen

Albert Einstein is quoted to have stated “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” is a form of insanity. This group is a solution for that type of insanity as well as being helpful to all groups of females: teens, singles, marrieds, divorcees and widows.

Kabbalah’s Fractaled Reality & Pineal/DMT Meditation

This is a one day seminar that will focus on the quote from the Matrix movie when Morpheus tells Neo “The world has been pulled over your eyes.” Kabbalah and Torah contain the geometric codes (fractaled reality) that explain how the “fall of Adam” caused a total collapse of our reality and what we can do as individuals to rectify it. Part of this rectification occurs when we become a “docking station” for Messianic Consciousness. To become that oasis the participants will learn a meditative practice engaging both the pineal gland and naturally occurring DMT. Fee for seminar is $50.00.

Kabbalistic Consultation Groups

This is a 1 1/2 hour, bi-weekly group for graduates of the Kabbalah Seminars who want to expand their knowledge and integrate these teachings into their lives. Participants will use the Kabbalah as a prism to look at their life issues from a spiritual perspective rather than a psychological one. This will enable them to de-stress their lives by learning to “let go and let God.” Fee is $20 per group.

Divination Journeys & Soul Retrievals

You may listen to a Free 30 minute introduction video on Shamanism. Just go to the Video page.

Though shamanism is not overtly part of Judaism today, “in its aboriginal form Jewish spirituality has less to do with religion than it does with direct, uninhabited experience with Creator through Creation” (Winkler, Magic of the Ordinary: Recovering the Shamanic in Judaism). A shamanic Divination Journey is done by a shamanic practitioner on the behalf of someone who is in need of clarification, guidance, or insights. In contrast, a Soul Retrieval is a technique which restores a person’s essence lost through specific events in his or her life. Both techniques utilize the spiritual realms of non-ordinary reality to assist people on their journeys in life. Fee for Divination Journey is $35.00 and Soul Retrievals are $35.00 ( or $30.00 if done long distance).

Couple’s Seminar

You may listen to a Free 30 minute introduction video on Couples Seminar. Just go to the Video Page.

This one day relationship class is intended for “committed” couples who want to strengthen their connection by becoming more conscious about their Masculine and Feminine polarity. Without sufficient polarity the partnership can become dull, monotonous, uninspiring and flaccid—even becoming asexual eventually. As a car battery needs both a positive and negative terminal to spark the arc, relationships require the same dynamics. Additionally, as our Rabbi teaches, “a man without a woman (both inner and outer) is just half a man, and a woman without a man (both inner and outer) is too much woman.” These concepts will be elucidated by using a class format that is partly didactic, partly dialectical, and partly experiential. Upon completing the seminar each participant will acquire a more thorough, conscious understanding about the ingredients needed for developing a healthier partnership. Furthermore, by discovering all “six members” involved in their relationship, they’ll be able to rectify problems more effectively and efficiently. The fee for this seminar is $120.00 per couple. (This class is a requirement for couples counseling with BITA).

Couples Seminar Agenda

    1. Introductions & individual presentation of form describing their reasons participants were drawn to the seminar. (Superior Man Book?)
    2. Questionnaire: person perceptions of Self Essence, Masculine Essence, and Feminine Essence.
    3. Visual examples of the three entities and an explanation of them. Why is a fulcrum necessary to balance the essences.
    4. Diagram of the entities. Handout given for couples to assess their relationship.
    5. Role plays for each couple explaining 2 of 3 entities.
    6. Dance of the Masculine, Feminine, & Combined Masculine/Feminine.
    7. Value handout to clarify individual values important to each member of the relationship.
    8. Trust Walk and handout to write their experiences as leader and led, and vice-versa.
    9. Godliness and forms describing characteristics of God and why it’s important to emulate.
    10. P-to-P Meditation and why meditation is important.
    11. Grief work: what was lost in relationship due to a past behavior.

Download the Couples Seminar Agenda >>

Rebirthing Seminar

You may listen to a Free 30 minute introduction video on Rebirthing Seminar. Just go to the Video Page.

Leonard Orr developed this ancient breathing meditative modality to help people clean out negative energy held in their bodies due to shallow breathing. This seminar will explain how emotions from our past get stored in our body, the consequences for us, and how to use conscious connected breathing to gradually clear it away. This enables us to stop resisting life and freely live the life we were meant to manifest as guided by our Creator. The fee for this seminar is $40.

The following changes gradually begin to occur by using Rebirthing technology:

  • Judgment becomes more obsolete
  • We let go of our attachments/outcomes
  • Experience feelings without analyzing them to death
  • Makes us cognizant of what we are excluding and including
  • Become more at home in our bodies
  • Develop a template for living in the “now”
  • Move through life experiences without getting stuck
  • Trains our minds to notice our polarized thinking
  • Properly oxygenated bodies will keep us healthier
  • Witness life with detachment and less drama
  • Enables us to go with the flow and rhythms of life